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Urban Decay Fun Pallette 06.21.11 DATE NIGHT

So Hubs and I had a date last night. I took the time and half assed photographed my look with my phone. I always use my phone.. I dont know why, I have a camera… anyhow.

On the face its Bare Minerals, Mac Amazon Princess Blush, and MAC Goldy Rocks Dazzle Glass on the lips. The eyes I used the Urban Decay Fun Pallette, the pink is Woodstock, the crease is MAC Smoke and Diamonds, I also have a bit of the Psychedelic Sister in the crease too, Uzi on the highlight, and Flipside under my eyes on the lash line. Liner in MAC Penultimate from Wonder Woman ( I like it cause its FAT) and UD Oil Slick on the waterline. The Mascara is the Rimmell Lash Accelorator Im testing out.

All in all I liked the look.

so here is the picture vomit :)

this one ^^ obv edited a bit to really saturate the colors, those are how they appeared just brightend up a bit

And that, my friends, is that.


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